Sick Society

by The Dark Sinatras

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released July 27, 2013



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The Dark Sinatras Reading, UK

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Track Name: The Cooler
All this, it’s such a mess.
Nobody sees anymore.
Would I be wrong if I though there was no time to lose?
Would I be right if I thought I could choose?
It’s so abrasive.
Reflections of you, there always near.
When the surface is smooth, they’re always clear.
I have a note on the mirror, it reminds me to breathe.
If I cannot see myself, I will die.
The more I can choose,
The more I can leave,
The more I can breathe.
So speaks the hermit.
Keep contact to a minimum.
I don’t go out in case I hear a sound I don’t like.
Best to play safe in my space, and to live there by night.
It’s so degrading.
Track Name: Ten Inches
I’ve gotta take my thinking cap off.
It helps me see through your eyes. Bright lights shining.
What I see there deceives me, so loud………lies.
It looks well like disease. So stale……so sick.
And I can’t see where I’m going. No way….forward.
But I can see through your lies. Yes I can….Safe.
And What I see there despises me. With a hate….so grave
I’m all deaf to your cries. Well I can’t hear you….shouting.
What if I was ill ?
(Who the fuck is ill?)
So what if I was.
I got self defense for my head. My soul…….yeah.
I’m gonna get myself a blade and cut your tongue……..out.
The bad air your opinions breathe. So frail….so pale.
It suffocates my belief, in you…..deep down.
Well how am I gonna keep myself……sane.
I’m gonna keep myself down to the grind…..stone.
And this is no place to be seen. Not here, not there.
It’s not a place to believe, but I know you will…..yeah.
What if I was ill (Who the fuck is ill?)
So what if I am.
Track Name: The Power of Tradition
The Power of Tradition
This is a simple tale, about men who were male.
With minds born stale, there was a girl who got caught.
She would learn a lesson, which was against the law
Of wisdom.
In the middle of the two, whose sense was few
And far between. They ruined her dream.
One was naive, but exceedingly large.
With a mouth that was mean and a pain in his arse.
I can’t see why you want to hit the girls and make them cry.
He wanted to box the civilized way,
but the final solution was a bear glass contusion.
The power of tradition can beat into submission,
but there is a lot to be said for a glass in the head.
I can’t see why you want to hit the girls and make them cry.
Track Name: Face to Face
Is this only my brain, or is it the same for you?
How about we stop all this shit. Or would it not do?
I see a time when all is gone, there is no me, there is no you.
You see tomorrow as today, just one conclusion to be made.
One to one
Face to Face
What would you give?
To be alone, to be alive, to be a living creature on this earth again.
Is this all in you mind? Or is it the same for me?
How about we just look for a while, or can you not see?
I see a liar in a suit, he’s chasing fleas and eating rhymes.
You see a saviour, shining light, these are illuminating times.
One to One
Face to Face
What would you give?
To be along to be alive, to be a living creature on this earth again
Track Name: Absolution
Evolution – absolution.
Evolution - absolute in you.
Even if it’s self protection, even if it’s misdirection,
I’m the one left listening to you.
Even if it’s all emotion, even if it’s just commotion,
I’m the one left standing here with you.
Take the things I keep with me so near.
Take it all and leave me bare.
Contradiction leads to friction,
Contradiction leads to friction.
Two directions buried in your head.
Even if you’re complicated, even if you’re overrated,
Fact remains we’re living in one bed.
Call me wasted, call me lucid, call me thoughtless, call me stupid,
I’m the one still standing here with you
Leave me bare.
Track Name: Local Treason
Only speaking? Words you are sealing. All description is telling lies.
What you are saying, still betraying all you see as the final truth.
Only lonely. Only coldly delivered spite can hurt me. Best not said.
Mostly knowing, what you are hearing can put the fear of reason into your head.
No relation. This religion. Crucifixion is not the way.
Self-controlling, local treason won’t disguise what you can’t deny.
Now you are teething, you know you are slightly broken into a world of thinking you are going to fly.
On the surface, a little calm and purpose will never mask the problem you are trying to hide.
Fingers moving, barely feeling major notes you try to play.
More distortion, less precision, all belies what you try to say.
Self-deception, a little bad reception, a little indigestion, it is not right.
Still you are trying. Almost moving toward a life that’s lurking just out of sight.
You want to be more, but if you are never satisfied, you are never going to be.
Track Name: Of No Consequence
What I reap, is what I sow. What I notice is what I know.
What I want is what I need. If I’m living, I’m gonna bleed.
Well I can feel a taking part., but the end, it never starts.
Well I can show what you believe to be illusion, you won’t believe me, you live inside your head.
What I need, we don’t mention.
My head is numb, my face is gone.
Where did you hear my name?
Where a leaf touches ground. There’s a noise there, there’s a sound.
As a wave, it never stops. Doing time is breaking rocks.
If I live, just out of sight. You won’t see me, but I’m alive.
What I do you may not see, but when I show you, you won’t believe me, you live inside your head.
What I need, we don’t mention.
My head is numb, my face is gone.
Where did you hear my name?
Track Name: IPD
Pre-conformatised units may be required to commit acts that may contradict fundamental operating procedure.
Invasive personality deregulation is a method, which facilitates the deconstruction of behavioral paradigms, removing opposition to the reprogramming phase.
Subliminal manipulations of the vehicle known as “Alex” have proven difficult in the preliminary test stages. We have encountered interference, arising in the post – transference stage, which leads to incoherence in the final reception.
Synergy is characterized by dis balance and chaotic movement. Rudiments are displaced and a conceptual vacuum is formed in which no reception in the classical sense can be inferred.
It is this fundamental lack of clarity that disables the perceptive function and enables en tropic dissonance to grow and resonate. Conceptual filtration at both the pre-transference and pre-amplification stages would theoretically provide the required precision and restore Cartesian movement to a chaotic system.
Track Name: Motion Sickness
Motion Sickness
All of this motion is making me sick.
I've got a notion.
Make believe that there’s something inside,
Fool yourself and you’re fine.
Even I know, when I leave that there is nothing.
Even I know, that there’s nothing there.
All of this laughter is making me sick.
It’s obscene.
Under the sun, drinking rum on a beach, when a wave takes away a hundred thousand.
Track Name: Three Shades of Empty
I’m on my knees, can you help me please, I’m looking for something to believe.
I need a noise to fill the void to take the shine off the silence.
Now I know that it’s not real, but only knowing,
Now I know that it’s not real, but only knowing is never enough.
It’s never enough
Is this all that I can take?
Is this all that I can dream of?
I don’t know.
Is your little mind tucked away inside, up there where the sun doesn't shine?
Is it just me? Or is all I see full of three shades of empty?
Is it possible that nothing important or real has yet been seen or known or said?
Is it possible that the whole history of the world has been misunderstood?
Is it not possible that people know, with perfect accuracy, a past which has never existed?
Is this all that I can take?
Track Name: Ridiculous
Oh, I see lies in the eyes of the ones who believe.
Freed from a rational mind.
Oh, it takes dark times to see.
Some things can only be real.
What is this? You are wasting our time.
Where would we be if we weren't so ridiculous.
Oh, I smell fear in the sweat of the ones on their knees.
Oh, how the broken heads fall.
Oh, it’s so easy to take.
I just forget to recall.
Track Name: Optimus
Sail with me, into the open sea.
Where I will be you, and you will be me.
We will catch a wave, we will roll away.
Till a shark from below, takes us for prey.
We’ll live inside, some dumb fishes mind.
As memories shared, not left behind.
My loss. Your gain. My loss.
What went before will be once more.
My gain. Your loss. My gain.
Climb with me, into the sky and see.
If birds in the air are totally free.
You can bring me down, back to the open ground.
Where silence is king and love makes no sound.
We’ll never die, we will always be.
As I was once you, you were once me.
Track Name: The Sins of Ignorance
Do you want to move with the times?
When a pound costs a penny and a dollar a dime.
The more you work, the less you earn and the words you speak are met with concern.
Success, at a guess, at best an illusion. A confusion, an understatement, a delusion. Retribution for the sins of Ignorance.
I’ll keep my eyes closed, I’ll keep it mum.
I’ll keep my comforts and I’ll have my fun.
I’ll tow the line, I’ll pay the bills on time. As free as a bird, if I don’t say a word.
Success, at a guess, at best, an illusion. A confusion, an understatement, a delusion. Retribution for the sins of Ignorance.
Fuck you buddy, I’ll bury my stash.
I’ll go to your field and I’ll dig up my cash.
And if I find it’s not there after all of this digging, I’ll look in the mirror and think ‘well who am I kidding?’
Success, at a guess, at best, an illusion. A confusion, an understatement, a delusion. Retribution for the sins of Ignorance.
There in Disneyland, I understand.
There is no freedom, there is no demand.
Track Name: No Measure
No Measure

It is No Measure of Health,
To be Well Adjusted to a Profoundly Sick Society